January 23, 2020

Acne Care Tips

Acne is a common problem that affect everyone in their life. it happens not only among the teenager but also for the older people. Dealing with acne can be embarassing, annoying, irritating or scarring for everyone.

Pimples are inflamations of the skin or tiny skin lesions. They come when the pores infected or clogged by a type of oil known as sebum, which normally lubricates the skin and hair.

Acne is commonly occurs among the teenager because of increased hormonal activities during the puberty . This condition causing the skin to over produce sebum. Pimples are commonly found on the T-Zone area such as forehead, nose, and chin because many oil-producing? glands there. Most of people become concerned about the acne remedies after they have such as this problem. As we know that ?prevention is better that cure? because till today there has not been a vaccine that would completely stop the acne from appearing on the skin. But, Preventing the acne can be easily done. It is possible to reduce and control the acne on the face.

Here are some of tips to prevent the acne on your skin :

1 Keep your face clean everyday. Wash your face thoroughly only twice a day, it is important to wash your face to remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin from the face. Use warm water (not hot) and a mild facial cleanser. Don?t? Scrub your face too hard because it will iritating your skin. Remember, washing your face in many times can wash your skin oil away and causing the oil-producing? glands to produce more oil. And over-produce oil may lead to acne problems.

2 Stop Squeezing, Itching or picking your acne. Bursting your acne is not really going to help you and this is can lead to infection and permanent scar. Moreover, the bacteria on your hand will spread on the broken acne and make it worse. The permanent scars that you get later will make you uglier.

3 Watch your diet and nutrition. It is good for you to maintain healthy eating habits. Avoid to eat junk foods or oily foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. All this may not directly affect your skin. But, it will keep your system clean, which in turn give the positive impact for your skin. Another important key is drink plenty of water. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day will keep your system clean from toxins and keep your skin healthier.

4 Keep your environment clean and stay hygiene. Try to shower as soon as possible after your activities in outside or workout since your sweat combined with sebum oil and can trap the bacteria and dirt in your pores. Avoid Dust, dirt or the other pollutants in the air. They will also get mixed with sebum oil and block up the pores.

5 Be sure that your hair is clean from any dandruff that you may have. Don?t let the oily hair in your face because it can irritate your acne and clogging the pores.

6 Before go to sleep, make sure to remove your make up. It can clog your pores. Leaving make up all night will make it worse.

7 Try to avoid stress. Experts belives that our emotional state related to all aspects of health including skin.

Prevention is better than cure. With these simple acne care tips, may help you to prevent and avoid the pimples. For the persistent pimples, consult your trusted dermatologist for the solutions.