January 23, 2020

Anti Aging Lotion – Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti aging lotion & anti wrinkle treatment

And the debate goes on. There are people with varied schools of thought. While a few believe in having a quick solution to the aging skin problem, there are others who believe in having a permanent solution rather than temporary relief.

This debate is particularly visible between an anti aging lotion, anti wrinkle treatments and other such procedures.

The main difference between a lotion, anti wrinkle treatments is in the way both of them work. Lets us take a look at one common anti wrinkle treatment first – Collagen injections.

Let me quickly mention that Collagen and Elastin are the skin proteins responsible for maintaining its smoothness, firmness and elasticity. As we age, the production of these two proteins lowers down and hence skin becomes loose and baggy. Eventually the skin develops folds, lines and wrinkles.

Now Collagen injections aim at injecting this protein Collagen artificially into the skin so that the skin becomes firm and wrinkle free again.
Sounds good? Now hear the real thing –

The collagen used in these injections is synthetic in nature. It is thus structurally different than what we have in our skin. As a result, the two fibers are not able to bind together with each other – this leads to ineffective results.

Moreover, the results last only for a few months. So the effects are temporary and you have to go though this pain and expense time and again.

It has severe side effects including hyper tension, muscle weakness and other skin allergies.
Now consider a natural and effective anti aging lotion containing powerful ingredients like Cynergy TK(TM), Phytessence Wakame etc.

Cynergy(TM) commands the body to naturally stimulate Collagen and Elastin production internally. As a result, the protein imbalance is restored and the skin becomes smooth and wrinkle free again.

Wakame helps in inhibiting the breakdown of Hyraluronic acid which too helps in keeping the skin young and wrinkle free.

The combined power of these wonderful ingredients provides the most effective results and since the very root cause of the problem has been eliminated, the results are permanent too.