enable 144Hz In Monitor

How to enable 144Hz on your gaming monitor


You are excited because you just use all your money to buy freshly new gaming monitor.Your dream monitor just a door away from you. It is delivered at your address and you are eagerly waiting to play games on it. Now you set it up to play your favourite game but some trouble occurs.

what? you exclaim, there is some problem in sound. By default support for 144Hz (or higher) sound is not enabled. But nothing to worry about, it will be fixed easily if you follow the following steps. You have to optimize Nvidia and AMD graphic cards.

In Nvidia

Follow these steps

  • open Nvidia driver menu
  • From Display option click on change resolution tab
  • Now from resolution tab there is some refresh rate drop down, select it wisely
  • Now open it and you will see higher frame rate option there


Here are the steps to optimize your setting from AMD

  • Open display setting
  • and now click Display adapter properties
  • Select all modes from there
  • select screen mode according to your monitor (whether it support 144Hz or higher frame rate)

you’re done

Set Your Refresh Rate in Windows

The most Important step to do is to change the refresh rate in your operating system, and we all know that gaming is only possible in windows OS. So, I will mention the steps below for different windows to change the refresh rate.

On Windows 10

Head to Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display Settings > Display Adapter Properties. Click the “Monitor” tab, choose your monitor’s advertised refresh rate from the “Screen Refresh Rate” list, and click “OK”.

change refresh rate in windows 10

On Windows 7 or 8

Right-click the desktop and select “Screen Resolution”. Select your monitor (if you have multiple monitors) and then click the “Advanced Settings” link. Click the “Monitor” tab and choose the refresh rate from the “Screen Refresh Rate” box.

If you don’t see your monitor’s advertised refresh rate in this list—or if you can’t seem to get your monitor to stay configured at the advertised refresh rate—there’s more you need to do.

Some tips to remember

Besides these all tips you have to select the right cable. Be sure that you have a DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 connection to take advantage of the full frame rate experience.
sometimes updating Nvidia can reset the monitor setting. so keep it in mind and double check it (if you do not want any trouble) before starting your game. And same as AMD.
Now all setup in complete and you can play your game with high frame rates
enjoy your game!

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