January 23, 2020

Natural treatments for heartburn

Heartburn, a massively distressing condition has been known to respond very positively to lifestyle and dietary changes. in other words, a lot of sufferers report a drastic improvement in the incidence of symptoms by simply tweaking their diets, sleeping habits and actively identifying what triggers their heartburn. While there are many natural treatments for heartburn, we will look at the ones known to perform rapidly and provide relief as well as long term solutions that actively look to eliminate the underlying issue which is almost always poor eating habits.

I suspect that whoever is reading this ‘natural treatments for heartburn’ article is actively looking for a solution or is in agony right now. It’s only right that I begin by showcasing the quick acting natural treatments for heartburn and then transition into much more sustainable longer term solutions that can assist in eliminating symptoms for extended periods of time. As with anything related to our bodies, nothing is ever guaranteed and I advise sufferers to never give in and actively search for solutions until they find what works best.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar – After much research, this one solution pops up everywhere. It is absolutely recommended. Apple cider vinegar works wonders in stopping heartburn and acts within minutes. This is one of the most effective natural treatments for heartburn because it relieves symptoms. However, this is a bandage approach. Covering up the underlying wound which has been largely self inflicted through bad eating habits.

Sufferers must never under any circumstance adopt poor eating habits and rely on Apple Cider or any other natural heartburn treatments to take the burn away. The cause is the very thing that must be tackled. Just as one wouldn’t recklessly leave food on the cooker and rely on a fire extinguisher to get things under control, we must look at the real issue; poor habits regarding our diets. Do I sound like a broken record? Good, because repetition is the mother of skill.

2. Baking Soda – Baking Soda tastes horrendous. I only turn to it as an absolute last resort. Of all natural treatments for heartburn, this is pretty much the most unpleasant. I recommend very occasional use because I noticed that my sensitivity to it tapered off if I used it on a daily basis (before I discovered my diet was the problem). I’m not sure how true this is for everybody else, but at times, it relieved the burn but did not eliminate it completely yet it did so in the beginning.